Monday, July 30, 2012

More on fishing..

Not having any luck fishing at the Jetty with a hook and line, DH invited Auntie C and Emil to lay nets at our beach instead. The tide was going out which was perfect timing.
We got the nets out... 
KC didn't have proper shoes which was essential as parts of the seabed had sharp rocks and corals, so Auntie C secured her slippers with raffia instead.
Rocks were collected as weights to be tied to the bottom end of the nets. The rocks had to be big and heavy enough to anchor the nets or it would drift off by the strong currents. 
Setting the net.
The sea was rather choppy that day and the kids had a fun time with the waves.
I stayed on the beach collecting Cat's Eyes with Ean. The Cat's Eyes were for Auntie C who once bought a Cat's Eye ring. She should have enough to make a necklace now.

The nets were checked when the tide was low once again. We managed to get 2 catfish, 1 black drum, 1 small threadfin, 1 prawn, 2 flower crabs and a couple of claws.  
It was late by the time the fishermen retrieved the nets and there's nothing better than sitting by a campfire to warm up after a dip in the sea. 

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