Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 inch

JY has been taking modeling classes. Her take on how she went from cake decorating to catwalking here.
My take? Well, let's just say we were faced with a roadblock and for weeks we lay idle in PD. JY dabbled in jewellery making, painting on canvas, shoes and tshirts. Until one day we came across 'Amber Chia's modeling agency' on a billboard in Seremban, we checked out the academy in JayaOne, signed up for the course and started the very next day.
JY had to learn to sashay down a catwalk on 5inch heels. She was given this pair (pic above) and was told to practice 2 hours daily. She was taught proper posture and different catwalk modeling styles.
In no time JY complained of blisters on her feet caused by the PVC straps cutting into her skin.  She needed new shoes.
 I recalled reading an article on this shop in Tmn Midah that made dancing shoes and what could be more comfortable than shoes made for dancing. And should be able to last longer too!
We made a visit one afternoon. JY tried one out and declared them to be the most comfortable shoes she has ever worn.
DH gave the thumbs up and JY got to have her first custom made shoes.
Choosing leather.
JY chose lamb skin in black.
Then choose the type of heels and design.
JY chose thicker heels for more support and a double strap with a covered back for the same reason. Her heels had to be 5inches and strappy for the runway.
Measuring the width of her feet.
JY was told to come back for fitting in a week.
If JY intends to do catwalk modeling professionally she would need 4 pairs of heels in black, white, silver and gold as well as a pair of boots.

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