Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fai is 6

Fai with his Transformer Mega Sword. One sword with lights and goes Ka-Ching. I expected lots of grabbing and tears of defeat. However I was pleasantly surprised that Fai gave in to Han and let him play with his sword every now and then. And he wisely use it as a bargaining chip.

Fai's negotiaion with Han this evening after dinner went like this , " I will let you play with my sword, if you let me help mummy wash the dishes " So Han ran off happily with the sword and Fai got to wash dishes by my side.
Yes, helping mummy wash the dishes is not a chore in my house. My boys like nothing better than to assist me in the kitchen cutting, washing, cooking.... Perhaps it is the only time they get me to themselves.
Jianyi doing the finishing touches on Fai's Transformer Cake. Autobots for the teatime guests and Decepticons for the Dinner guests.
Decepticon logo on cake2

Fai cut the cake and scrapped off the icing upon request.

Fai's grandmothers had the task of removing the wires that secured Optimus and Jetfire to the box.

Fai was impatient and tried to help Pohpoh.

Mama hard at work. The 2 toys still firmly in place.

Fai is exceptionally creative. He used the wires that came with the toy and masking tape to make a jellyfish.

Jianyi and her cousin, Caryn in the foam pool.

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