Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Port Dickson

The sandy beaches of PD used to be carpeted with these little crabs at low tide.

These were crawling at the beach fronting Corus Hotel at night.
We were there hunting for flower crabs. We spotted a few but they outsmarted us and escaped into the murky waters.

The kids love hunting for small little creatures at low tide. I say small because I don't want to encounter the crocodile that was spotted in this area. This crab was hidden under a rock.

Ean's first attempt at rock-climbing. He didn't want to leave this rock pool.
Jianyi and her collection of snails

Organically grown vegetables from our garden. Fertilised by ashes from our nightly campfire. This is the backyard. The veggie patch is at the far end. Gobin and Kushpa have been successfully growing brinjals, ladies' fingers, chilli padi and pumpkin. I am now waiting for the first harvest of four-angle beans and cabbage.

This is the front view of our PD house. The window panes have yet to come in. Once it is done, the floor tiles can be laid. I can't wait to see the results. In the mean time, the boys have been having lots of fun playing 'Sand Man' with the pile of construction sand.

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