Friday, October 15, 2010

Perth Day One 15 Oct 2010

The kids are finally asleep. Today was supposed to be a rest day. An overnight flight with over excited kids on tiny seats that recline an inch on a packed plane is rather tiring. However the kids were marvellous. Fai and Han slept the moment they were through with their kids' meals and Ean dozed off after his susu.
Only JY had trouble sleeping and was awake by 4am and immersed herself in writing in her journal.
Uncle Bak and Kim were waiting for us at the airport. U Bak was warmly wrapped in a parka and Kim in shorts and a pullover. So Perth can't be all that chilly eh?
FYI: It is now 15.8C at 12 mn. And the temperature is expected to drop in the early morning.
The moment we step
ped foot outside the blast of chilly fresh air woke our senses up.
The air is so fresh and clean.
How am I ever able to go back to smoggy PJ???!

We had to be divided between 2 cars. Ean had to get acquainted with the car seat. Luckily lots of Mack trucks passed us and the contrast in the scenery from back home gave me lots to engage Ean's attention.
Our home for 10 days was lovely.
The drive way was flanked with Lavender bushes. Rub the leaves and its lovely aroma fills the air.
Kim made us pancakes for breakfast.
After a short snooze we made our way to Fremantle.
3 cars, my family, JL's family, U Bak, A Meng, Mak, A was like a Mensa test trying to sort out who seats where.
Why you might ask....Well....
1. toddlers must be in child car seats
2. kids under 7 must be in booster seats
3. Kids can't be in the front seat
4. Mak must be in the car that can carry the wheelchair
5. Fai wanted to be with Sarah
6. Sean didn't want to sit with Fai
7. Ean wanted nothing to do with the car seat
8. Sarah wanted her mother with her
I tell you.....we spent 30 minutes discussing before we could hit the road.
I ended up between 2 car seats, Han on one and Ean on the other with Kent in the driver's seat and JY in the passenger seat.
Ean cried all the way to Fremantle.
He struggled with the belts, yelling "Take Off! Take Off!" with tears streaming down his cheeks.
Mack trucks, buses, gum trees, flowers...nothing I pointed out worked.
Until I said "We are nearly there. Once Pa finds a parking spot, we will stop and I can take the seat belts off"
Oh well.
Fremantle was lovely.
The park at the Esplanade had majestic towering pine trees, very beautiful. The air was chilly and I had sun myself every now and again.
Fai picked up lots of pine needles.
Australia seems good for Fai. He chats non-stop about everything and anything. He is more outgoing and seems ready for anything. He looks extremely happy here.
Lunch at Cicerello's was disappointing. I found the fish overcooked and fishy. The kids didn't take a bite of it. And it was so pricey.
JY said Manhattan Fish is so much better.
I agree wholeheartedly.
We then headed for the Shipwreck Galleries.
The display of the Batavian shipwreck was amazing.
I didn't realise the ship was THAT big.
We will be going back for a 2nd visit.
The lethargy from the flight was hitting us and we were in need of rest badly.
Dinner was yummy chicken and mushroom in oyster sauce and a plate of sweet snap peas prepared by A Bok.
Supper was JY's butter cake.
Han slept at 7pm.
Everyone else at 11pm.
Tomorrow will be an early day.
7am Farmer's market
and then to Swan Valley to get a little tipsy.

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