Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am loving it!! JY's caking journey.....1 Oct 2010

Oh to be 12 and having Rosalind Chan say you are gifted in cake decorating... today will definitely be a day JY will never forget.
At 6.30am.......

It was a treacherous ride to Sunway Giza...with a maximum speed of 60kmh and taking turns and going on bumps at snail's pace.

Stacking up her cake with utmost care.

JY's saree and henna inspired wedding cake. One of the few square cakes around. Rose made note of that and was impressed that JY could transfer her idea onto the cake so well.

JY with Eddie Spence. He started sugarcrafting when he was 14 and he makes cakes for the British royalty. He was grandfatherly, eager to impart knowledge, freely shared all that he knows. He gave JY lots of encouragement. She adores him to bits.
"She will go far" he says. "It is a good thing she started early"
A boost for homeschoolers (especially unschoolers) everywhere don't you think?

"I think I want that pink star on the right"
After weeks of planning, improvising, sweat & tears, bearing with the humid Malaysian weather, and lots & lots of hard work JY was simply bursting with happiness after receiving loads of compliments from everyone.

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