Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Note to self. Points to remember when selling cupcakes at Rotary events

1. At Rotary District Assemblies, there will be very few children around. So reduce the number of cupcakes to 100 pieces.

2. During District Conferences, spouses and children will be around, however I feel that the number of cupcakes should be 100 pieces as it was really difficult getting people to buy the cupcakes, thus the cupcakes would be more of a showcase of Jianyi's talents. Speaking of which, Jianyi would have to do the icing and make the sugarcraft models on-site. As it was attention grabbing and pulled in a crowd.

3. Need to search for vegetarian cakes and diabetic cakes.

4. Display a dummy 3-tiered wedding cake.

5. The butter cake slices sold really well. Samples of the chocolate cake helped to boost the sales of the cake significantly. In all we made 4 10inch butter cakes and 2 10inch chocolate cakes. Next event we will double the volumes for both the types of cakes.

6.We need more posters and flyers. Perhaps a nice banner.

7. I had great fun experimenting with the carrot cake. It feels good working with a new recipe and having to rectify the cake and try to turn it into a presentable cake. I am glad it was well-received.
8. We need to issue receipts as proof of payment. The lady that ran away with someone else's cake was a bad experience for the girls.
9. Cake that are reserved should be paid for in full and bagged and tagged with the name and handphone numbers of the purchaser.
10. We will need to ensure that the vendors get to be FED! The girls were practically starving and the walk from the Sunway hotel to the shopping mall is no joke!

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