Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cake Deco journey with Jianyi

Blogging is addicitve. I tried weaning myself of it...but the I can't resist the pull...sigh..

I have been away too long, first the laptop conked (at last!) then the boys caught the latest flu bug, then I got involved in CLI - a cooperative 'school' where homeschooling families pool resources to educate their kids.

Well, Jianyi's new laptop is a breeze to use, so here I am :)

Jianyi's cake decorating journey has intensified somewhat. She took a break from her Wilton class since last year as the 1st 3 months of 2010 was a busy time with birthdays and CNY. So we enrolled her for Wilton course 2 starting April 8. The class was full, JY said that among them were 8 women from Venezuela. Jianyi wanted to go for the Gum Paste course as well, so she now has 2 consecutive days of cake deco classes.

She is learning techniques that she could not obtain from the net. I could see the improvements in her fondant deco immediately. Her finishing is now much smoother.

She was delighted that she finished her task ahead of her much older classmates :)

Kent was late picking her up from her Friday class. When the tutor noticed her pacing up and down she asked JY why didn't she drive home! Jianyi was puzzled at first. It was the 1st time anyone had ever asked her such a question. So she remarked that she couldn't drive. So the tutor suggested that she bought a car. Jianyi got more confused. Then JY blurted out "I am only 12 years old, I can't drive yet!"

What I would give to have seen the tutor's face. hahahaha!

Anyway they thought that JY was 17 or 18 and were amazed that she was 12.

The lady-in-charge, Rosalind wants to take JY under her wing and suggested that JY take up their 5 day Diploma course in July and participate in a sugarcraft competition in UK in October. Jianyi is ecstatic.

She can't wait till October. She can already see herself on the plane. She is 12 and already has plans to be a jetsetter...oh my!

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