Tuesday, March 20, 2012

post date

I found out that it is a policy at the Klinik Kesihatan that if baby is not born 6 days postdate (Postdate is when baby is not out by EDD -estimated due date) , baby will be induced.
How frightfully threatening.

Please read Why I don't do post dates

Another article on post date babies that states post date is PAST 42weeks, NOT 40 weeks

All my babies were induced based on doctor's lack of patience or his holiday plans or because "Baby is ready! Let's get him out. Does tomorrow fit your schedule?"
Being completely uneducated about birthing and trusting my doctor's judgement, I went along with all 4 inductions. I didn't know the risks involved....then.
Well, not anymore. I trust baby will tell me when it is time.

To quote from the 1st article "There is no such thing as postdates, just prebaby"

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