Friday, September 2, 2011


The culprit - smaller stingray in the middle.
4 nets were set, the 2 more experienced fishermen, were summoned back to KL leaving DH to tend to the nets.
DH gung-ho as always went to retrieve the catch with just a pail.
As he tried to pry out the barb with his fingers, the stingray whipped its tail and embedded its barb deep into DH's hand.
The barb is serrated and when he tried to pull it out, he felt an excruciating pain and body went into shock. So he left it there and drove to the Klinik Kesihatan.
The kids were told to wait outside the Emergency Room
The doctor was friendly and jovial. DH had to wait minutes before being tended to. Service here is amazing.
The doctor gave DH a jab of local anesthesia and removed the barb with ease. He has done 3 such cases so far.

The kids comforting DH.

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