Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Homemade soy sauce

Saturday 11.00 a.m. November 23, 2008

The Hands-on-Learning team comprising 17 participants visited the home of David and Alicia in Taman United, Old Klang Road, K.L. David is a qualified accountant and is a remisier by profession, this is his own little project that he started 5 years ago.

This husband and wife team together with their 4 children manage a homemade soy sauce industry. They manage this venture by utilising what free space they had in their home.

The team is very interested with their original approach in selecting organic soy beans from Heilongjiang, Manchuria, China. Even the mould used in the second stage of the process is obtained naturally.

We could see that no artificial additives is used to speed up or influence the natural process. However this venture cannot be applied in large scale commercial terms as the natural process has its limitations.

The end product takes months to produce but a well worth wait. During the fermentation stages, constant monitoring is needed to avoid a spoilt batch. David explained that his work depends very much on the days of sunlight.

We were shown and given soy tainted salt crystals as a souvenir and also treated to taste fresh batch of soy sauce (extra virgin) and their other products like dark soy sauce and rojak paste (seaweed is used to replicate the taste).

The participants purchased some products with confidence of melamine and artificial ingredient free.

Tip :

Please do not throw your old soy sauce away, it can be revitalised by exposing the bottle to sunlight. Some old soy sauce may lose its fragrance but will produce a better aroma when is used for cooking. Just like wine.

p.s * some photos might have shrunk due to space constraint

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